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Cohesion Accumulated in Making Dumplings

Release Time:2015-07-23

At around 3 pm, our unoccupied seafarers gathered in the canteen to join in dumpling making. They proceeded with prearranged assignments—some rolled the skins and others did the stuffing. They chatted in merry mood while engaged in the work, chatting about dumpling cultures of their hometowns. A harmonious, lively atmosphere permeated the room. There’s something more in those seemingly inconspicuous dumplings than meet the eye. Though there were surely some who were not very skillful, everyone wrapped dumplings following distinctive wrapping styles of their hometowns. Among the finished dumplings, some were like a crescent moon, some resembled the sun and some were in the shape of rats. The moment the dumplings were completed, our seafarers who were more familiar with equipments than making dumplings couldn’t help chuckling at their own works—all in different shapes and sizes. The chief motorman adapted a quotation of Deng Xiaoping and made it into:” round or flat, those do not split when cooked are good dumplings”. His adapted version amused everyone.

Now it’s time for dinner. Everyone couldn’t wait to take their bowls and chopsticks, lining up for dumplings. The queue was a soundless urge for the occupied chef. He took up a full plate of “suns and moons” and dumped them into the boiling water. Instantly, the “suns and moons” sunk down to the bottom of the pot but when the water boiled again they floated up and rolled in the water. They were adequately cooked and were served onto the dinner table. Everyone was enjoying the works made by their own hands.

In the event, we see among our crew cooperation, coordination and team spirit. The event helped to promote unity and cohesion, as each dumpling was the result of cooperation. They were more than dumplings but a representation of unity and solidarity. Having small talks and eating the dumplings helped to relieve tiredness and dull routines. The delighting event also motivated the crew, so that they were more energetic in their works.

by correspondent at Mild Waltz

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