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Visit to Shanghai Textiles Museum

Release Time:2015-07-28

Labor Union Initiates A Visit to Shanghai Textiles Museum for Celebrating International Women’s Day

Labor Union initiates a visit to Shanghai Textiles Museum for celebrating International Women’s Day. 
News: March is a month in which spring is everywhere in the air. On the afternoon of March 6th, the Labor Union of the Group arranged for our female employees a visit to Shanghai Textiles Museum for International Women’s Day celebration.
The Museum is located at the site of former Ninth Shenxin Textiles Factory. Through exhibits, files, scenes, graphs, models and multimedia, it tries to illustrate historical changes of textile industry in Shanghai. The majestic lobby, Hall of Experiences with historical connotation, Hall of Heroes and Heroines that makes you feel traveling into the past and Hall of Technologies that highlights interaction… All these are combined to display the history of textile industry that can be dated back to even 6,000 years ago. During the period between 1920s and 1949, textile industry as the “mother industry” here in Shanghai enjoyed its rapid growth. Some 10 years ago, a resolute, pioneering decision was made for textile industry in Shanghai to undergo a drastic reform. And now, a new trail that integrates technology with fashion has been blazed.
The 2-hour visit was spiced with tie-dyeing handkerchief and Chinese knot making. Our female employees followed steps shown on the video. With dexterous fingers, Chinese knots that represent auspice, fortune and wellbeing came to take form. Through folding, tying, fastening and dyeing, they experienced techniques for manual tie-dyeing. Under the guidance of the instructor, our female employees were all keenly interested. They firstly folded handkerchiefs randomly, then tied the corners already folded using elastics and finally dyed them using safe, eco-friendly pigments extracted from plants. The dyed handkerchiefs after color fixing, cleaning and drying became unique tie-dyed ones with traditional Chinese characteristics. At the conclusion of the event, they held handkerchiefs they personally tie-dyed and looked at the enchanting patterns, their gladness was effusive. They were in cheerful mood on their way back. During this relaxing, pleasant visit, they not only had their horizons broadened and friendship promoted but also gained a fresh understanding of the history of textile industry here in Shanghai.