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Founding of Youth League Committee of Jinhang HR

Release Time:2015-07-28

Preparatory Group for Founding of Youth League Committee of Jinhang HR Prepares An Event—Youth And Green in Harmony

News: Since the establishment of the preparatory group for founding Youth League Committee, Jinhang HR Co., Ltd, the “four A’s” initiative was smoothly carried out to ensure well-arranged progress of founding of the Youth League Committee during 2015.


Making A Flag:
The preparatory group made a flag of Communist Youth League to facilitate daily events of the Youth League Committee and Youth League Branch and to help the members fully get aware of their roles and duties. In the future, it is expected to be the reserve and helping hand of CPC JJ Shipping Committee, to lay a foundation for career advancement of the members and to make contribution to the company for a healthy, sustainable development.


Engrave A Badge:

To illustrate passion and liveliness of the Youth Committee, the preparatory group designed a cute badge characteristic of Jinhang HR. The three grinning QQ-version cartoon images of seafarers stand for exuberance, enthusiasm and optimism of our young employees in both life and work.


Subscribe A Book:

To create a benign atmosphere for learning and enrich lives of the members, the preparatory group subscribed Youth Digest for our vessels. It recommends hard-copy books, arouses interest in reading, encourages young employees to read more good books for an atmosphere in which everyone is eager for progress and knowledge.


Give A Touch of Green

On January 30, 2015, “A Touch of Green” event sponsored by Youth League Committee of JJ Shipping (Group) and Youth League Committee of Jinhang HR Co., Ltd was kicked off to furnish potted plants for 12 vessels. The plants were sent to Chun Jin, Mild Chorus and Mild Waltz by Zhang Zhenfang, secretary of Youth League Committee of the Group; Shen Zhihua, deputy secretary; and Gu Yineng, head of preparatory group for Youth League Committee of Jinhang HR. They also extended to the vessels their good wishes and solicitude, hoping the green plants would bring to the crew warmth in this cold winter season and that the crew would have an enjoyable life in their spare time. The crew expressed their thanks, saying the eye-catching green plants would surely add vitality and serenity to the vessels. They were grateful to the Youth League and the preparatory group for thoughtfulness. They also hoped that everyone would join together for a green, low-carbon and eco-friendly environment and for the vision of “green vessel & blue sea”.

Jinhang HR Co., Ltd will provide full support for the establishment of its Youth League Committee. We hope that the vessels would properly coordinate and carry out activities to enrich the daily lives of the YL members, ensuring in mind and practice a unified, concerted action between the vessels and the on-shore base. We also hope that such events would increase corporate cohesion to ensure promoted quality of work, life and caliber of our League members.

(reported by Gu Yineng, preparatory group for establishment of Youth League Committee, Jinhang HR)