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Japanese Partners Visited JJ Shipping for Business Exchange

Release Time:2016-03-21

On March 11, 2016, a delegation with 4 members led by Mr. Ogawara Hiroyuki, Executive Director of Sumitomo Warehouse and Mr. Makoto Tawaraguch, Executive Manager of Mitsui-Soko Warehouse paid visit to JJ Shipping for business exchange. Mr. Huang Xin, Chairman and General Manager of the Group, and Mr. Xia Xiping, Deputy Chairman of the Group received the Japanese guests and attended the exchange meeting.
As the leading multinational warehousing & logistics enterprises, Sumitomo Warehouse and Mitsui-Soko Warehouse have been important partners of JJ Shipping for years. For the past few years, by joining hands with Sumitomo Warehouse and Mitsui-Soko Warehouse, JJ Shipping has successfully established the Waigaoqiao logistics warehouses. Relying on more extensive and in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the field of comprehensive logistics, JJ Shipping is capable of providing customers with comprehensive logistic services covering general warehousing, constant temperature warehousing, package & processing and third-party logistics, etc.