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Labor Union of the Group Launched A Lecture on Succulents DIY

Release Time:2016-03-28

On the afternoon of March 4, with the International Women’s Day right around the corner, the Labor Union of the Group invited senior experts of succulents cultivation to give a lecture on succulents DIY especially for the women workers, which is designed to deliver the philosophy of green living to them. In addition to give lessons on the characteristics, growth habit, cultivation methods and precautions of succulents, the lecturer also demonstrated how to plant succulents. Under the guidance of lecturer, the women workers had tried to complete the cultivation of succulents with personal characteristics, which had brought about buoyant atmosphere to the lecture. The extremely cute succulents were deeply loved by the women workers, who had given highly recognition for the lecture. In the lecture, the lecturer also explained some skills for flower arrangement. The Labor Union of the Group hopes that, except for great work achievement, the women workers will keep healthy physically and spiritually in happy life, and make new accomplishments for the development of the Group in the new year with a brand-new outlook!