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Practice Energy Saving, Build Green Culture

Release Time:2016-07-02

Recently, to carry out the initiative “Practice Energy Saving, Build Green Culture”, there has been little change to the office environment of JJ Shipping, with various energy conservation and environment protection themed cartoon stickers appearing in every corner. By virtue of these eye-catching stickers, the concept of energy saving and green office has been deeply rooted among the staff.

On the notice board of tea room, the written proposal is placed on a visible location, to sincerely urge everyone to save paper, water and electricity in the office, and cut communication costs, thus ensuring the maximum utilization of resources. Green slogan banners under the theme of resource conservation are posted in every and each photocopy room and washroom. In the offices of every department, green slogans saying “Please turn the light off before leaving the room.” and “Save energy to live a low-carbon life” are displayed beside each light switch and air conditioning switch, these slogans can not only friendly remind everyone of energy saving in a soothing manner, but also add a touch of life to the office environment.
Now, the proposal is taken up again that, every staff is encouraged to practice energy saving to the maximum extent in daily life, to transform the concept of resource conservation and low-carbon office into a kind of working mode and habit, thereby jointly building conservation-oriented enterprise, and creating green culture, as well as unswervingly undertaking the corporate mission of “Promote Green Shipping, Enjoy Convenient Logistics”.