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Closing of 2016 Staff Sports Festival of JJ Shipping

Release Time:2016-12-08

The curtain of 2016 Staff Sports Festival of JINJIANG Shipping fell on November 20 successfully under the attention of the Party Committee of the Company, with the careful organization and planning of the Labor Union and League Committee, great facilitation of functional offices and member entities, and the passionate participation of our staff. During sports activities lasting over one month, a total of 488 people from the headquarters and 7 member entities participated 7 team games and individual games including football, basketball, badminton, Ping-Pong, long rope, drum, and plank. We optimized the competing rules, expanded the participation scope, and promoted the publication in this sports festival. The freshly added creative entrance show and warm-up exercises pushed the atmosphere of the games to a climax; the two new games of drum and plank attracted many staff to show themselves. Our sportsmen made their best efforts with toughness and determination in the games that they were good at, in which they showed their characteristics and strength. 

The Chairman of the Labor Union of JINJIANG Shipping Ren Chengfang summarized 4 features of this year's sports festival: 1. Bigger scale, over 200 people attended the closing ceremony, reached record high in the history of our sports festival; 2. More regulation, during the sports festival, orders were greatly maintained, competitions were properly arranged, staff were appropriately managed, and audience and families of our staff kept high passion and enjoyed all the time; 3. Full of creativeness, the entities did good rehearsal for the entrance show, showing their cultural characteristics and high spirits; 4. Higher level, in the team games and individual games, our staff united and collaborated, made great efforts to fully show their sports spirit and competition level.

At the closing ceremony, Vice Chairman of Shanghai International Port Group Gu Yunyao, Secretary of League Committee Wang Jianguo were invited. Mr. Gu pointed out in his speech that the staff sports festival of JINJIANG Shipping showed the vigorous and progressive spirits of staff; the sports festival provided a platform for the staff to enjoy sports, to strengthen their bodies, and to compete fairly, which showed the special culture of JINJIANG Shipping, consolidated the bond among member entities, and strengthened the cohesion of the Company. He hoped that JINJIANG Shipping would completely integrate with the harmonious family culture of Shanghai International Port Group, actively participating various competitions and activities of Shanghai International Port Group, to push the spirits of toughness and teamwork to a higher level. 

2016 Staff Sports Festival of JINJIANG Shipping was a great success. The great efforts and endeavors of all the organizers and volunteers are very much appreciated. We believe that through we unite together, our staff sports festival will be held better next year and better after, and it will become a signature card for the corporate culture of JINJIANG Shipping.