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Spring Visit with Care Delivers Warmth

Release Time:2017-02-06

Before the Lunar New Year, Party Secretary, President and GM of JJ Shipping, Huang Xin and other new leaders of the Company visited and expressed their regards to the first line workers of the Field Department of Shipping and Jincheng Company, JJ Mitsui, and JSIL one after another, as well as retired comrades, poverty-stricken employees and employees with serious diseases, delivering their care and best wishes of the leaders and the organization of The Communist Party, the government, and the Labor Union of JJ Shipping.
During visiting the ships, leaders of the Company expressed appreciations to first line crew for their efforts and contributions to the safe production and continuous well profitability of JJ Shipping. Meanwhile, they also provided safety instructions to the workers when spending the Spring Festival. In the coming new year, it is hoped that our employees devote to their roles, make every efforts to consolidate the brand service advantage and continuous profitability, to fully propel the reform and development of JJ Shipping.
This pre-holiday visit covered 13 ships involving 574 employees.