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Jinjiang Shipping (Japan) Co.,Ltd

As one of our important platforms for customer service across Japan, JJ Shipping (Japan) Corporation is an agency jointly established and financed by JJ Shipping and Sumitomo Warehouse Co., Ltd. Since JJ Shipping initiated its brand strategy in 2000, the agency spares no effort in developing and maintaining important clients and ensuring punctual transit time. The Hanshin Shuttle Express, Four Season Express as well as Tokai Express are well recognized among our Japanese VIP clients. In recent years, JJ Shipping ranks the first place among all major shipping liners in terms of share of cargos exported from Japanese base ports to Shanghai.
Guided by the philosophy to advance customer value, JJ Shipping (Japan) Corporation will continue its efforts in creating better customer experience and further implementing brand strategy to deliver value-added services to our clients.

Address: 3 f, Yaesu Kyodo Bldg., 5-9, 2 - chrome, Yaesu, Chuo - ku, Tokyo, Japan
Website: http://www.jinjiangshipping.com