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Ma Jianhong Paid A Visit to JJ Shipping

Release Time:2015-07-28

Ma Jianhong Paid A Visit to JJ Shipping for Security Inspection

Jan, 8th, 2015, a supervision and inspection team led by Mr. Ma Jianhong, deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of Shanghai SASAC, visited JJ Shipping together with his delegation for security inspection. Mr. Ma gave a brief introduction of the background and main content of this security inspection and delivered Demand for Carrying out Security Supervision and Inspection in Companies within SASAC System by Mr. Xu Yibo, Party Secretary and Director of Shanghai SASAC. Mr. Xia Xiping, Party Secretary and Deputy Chairman of the Group briefed the delegation how JJ Shipping carries out security actions for vessel security, onshore security, corporate safety culture made by the Group after Congestion and Stampede Accident on Dec 31st.  
After the presentation, Ma gave credit for the implementation of the security operation in production and conveyed the essence of Conference on Enhancing Safe Operation of throughout the City held by the municipal government and CPC Shanghai municipal committee on Jan, 5th. Mr. Ma raised three requests regarding safety operation in the group which include, first, putting responsibility of safe production into practice by fully implementing the requirement of “Implementing common management and supervision by assuming the same responsibility between the government and the Party as well as holding both obligations in one post” by CPC Central Committee; second, eliminating defects and hazards based on actual conditions. In combination with Port State Control, identify and eliminate defects and hidden troubles in safety management to drastically improve safety; third, be well prepared for safety and security during the Spring Festival. It is critical to carry out major inspections before the Spring Festival, implement each and every safety measure and more rigorously remove hazards to ensure safety for the local public.