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Won the Title “4A Corporation of Credibility”

Release Time:2015-07-28

A-Level Evaluation and Audit for Logistics Company, set by China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP) according to national standard of Index of Classification and Evaluation for Logistics Company, is a criterion for evaluating Chinese logistics companies based on seven major items including status of operation, management & service, and informationization level etc. It is classified into three categories, namely, Transportation, Storage and Comprehensive Service. JJ Shipping as a logistic company applied for the title for the category of Comprehensive Service in view of the criteria as well as its business pattern. Through strict material selection and locale evaluation by expertise, JJ Shipping was awarded the title 4A Corporation of Credibility (Comprehensive Service) in March, 2015.
In recent years, the development pattern of “One Body, Two Wings” has taken initial shape by developing specialized shipping service and expanding shipping logistics based on stronger and more specialized international container transport business. The title is awarded in recognition of the strategy of “One body, Two Wings” and the vision of “building JJ Shipping into a leading comprehensive shipping service provider in Asia”. In the future, adhering to its brand strategy, JJ Shipping will further improve and optimize its business pattern that features “One Body, Two Wings” to become a comprehensive shipping provider.