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JJ Shipping Won the Title Shanghai Famous Brand

Release Time:2015-07-28

Shanghai Famous Brand is a brand-appraisal campaign initiated by Shanghai Municipal government to further promote brand strategy, motivate and encourage companies to carry out brand strategy and enhance international competitiveness of local companies. Having won the title Shanghai Famous Brand for three consecutive years, in the selection of the year 2014, JJ Shipping applied for “Modern Logistics” in the service sector based on its actual status of implementation of brand strategy. JJ shipping won the title Shanghai Famous Brand of the year 2014 after prequalification process, first-round review, specialized assessment and comprehensive evaluation and online demonstration by Famous Brand Recommendation Committee. Different from Shanghai Famous Trademark, Shanghai Famous Brand highlights assessment and identification of product and/or service quality. Winning Shanghai Famous Brand will help to further promote brand strategy of JJ Shipping. In this year’s event, 22 companies in total have been selected to the “Modern Logistics” category under Shanghai Famous Brand.
JJ shipping adheres to its brand strategy, a strategy that features superb services as the primary objective, high punctuality rate as the basic requirement, ‘choice routes” as the enabler; and creation of outstanding routes and provision of high-end services targeting the Asian market as the core business. By offering excellent, segmented services, JJ Shipping has already established its characteristic advantages. And now Shanghai Famous Brand is awarded to JJ Shipping in recognition of its long-term, committed implementation of brand strategy. In the future, JJ Shipping will make more endeavors to enhance its brand , further carry out and improve approaches which feature “One Body, Two Wings”, expand and invigorate the “Two Wings” for better competitiveness, advancement and breakthrough.