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JJ Shipping Officially Ushers into E-day of Internet

Release Time:2015-12-01

In the “Internet Plus” era of shipping industry, JJ Shipping goes with the tide and elaborates two public platforms, i.e. official website and e-commerce website, based on its profound exploitation of internal information-based resources. The two platforms are not only significant manifestations of the corporate mission of “Promote Green Shipping, Enjoy Convenient Logistics” that has always been adhered to by JJ Shipping, but also important carriers for the display of corporate image and the upgrading of service levels.

E-commerce website was formally launched on November 16, 2015. With the introduction of individualized services like booking of choice networks, information subscription and inquiry, etc., the newly launched E-commerce service platform of JJ Shipping is capable of providing customers with exclusive VIP services in terms of personalized customization logistics. In addition to basic service functions including schedule inquiry, shipping space display, vessel positioning, cargo tracking, this platform can also give full play of online booking, online customer service, WeChat service account and other service forms featuring Internet characteristics, thus offering preferential E-commerce freight rates and shipping space guarantee for customers. By virtue of diversified and personalized service modes with high degree of transparency and efficiency, this platform is the perfect fulfillment of JJ Shipping’s brand concept, which is “Customer Orientation, Integrity Management, High-quality Service”. What’s more, the establishment of this platform has been given adequate consideration of payment habits of customers, which offers full support for the traditional payment mode of ocean freight.

In addition, the new official website of JJ Shipping has also been launched to the public, which offers multi-channel access for the E-commerce platform. Based on the positive interaction and information sharing between the two platforms, JJ Shipping will make further progress in brand image upgrading and enterprise image promotion in effective manner, and in return the customers will make quick positioning and address business demands more easily. In the future, JJ Shipping will continue to make efforts in the optimization and integration of shipping resources, to provide customers with convenient logistics services. High-grade customers deserve first-class service, and top-level enterprise can't do without high-grade customers. To build into a leading shipping enterprise with container transport as the core business in Asia, JJ Shipping wishes to work hand in hand with customers through unremitting efforts.