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JJ Shipping Held 2015 Annual HDS Meeting with Customers

Release Time:2015-12-04

     ON 16 October 2015, the 2015 Annual HDS Meeting with Customers was held in the Broadway Mansions Hotel located on the bank of the Huangpu River as scheduled. More than 30 enterprises, including Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. (SIPG), Shanghai Mingdong Container Terminals Limited (Mingdong Terminal) and other key customers, attended the meeting.
     The meeting was presided over by Mr. Shi Zhenxing, the Deputy General Manager of the Group, who also delivered the welcoming speech. Mr. Wang Qiuming, the Business Director and Director of Shipping Department gave a report on business situations of HDS for the year of 2015. Subsequently, Mr. Huang Xin, Chairman and General Manager of the Group presented the trophy to JJ Shipping HDS award-winning customers of this year. Shanghai City Union Logistics Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shendong Shipping Co., Ltd., as the representatives of award-winning customers, addressed the meeting, respectively. In exchange section, the majority customer representatives participating in the meeting expressed extensive recognition for the timely schedule service and fine service quality of JJ Shipping. Most notably, the personalized and differentiated service characteristics won the unanimous recognition and praise. At the same time, customer representatives proposed improvement suggestions and solutions for several aspects in regard of shipping space in busy season, pick-up location of specific container, etc. Also, SIPG and Mingdong Terminal gave replies to all the questions proposed by customers. Finally, Mr. Huang Xin extended his sincere thanks to the customers who have put forward suggestions and port enterprises that have provided support to JJ Shipping. He also made interpretation for the newly presented corporate culture of JJ Shipping, which further emphasized the important role of customer experience in the business philosophy of JJ Shipping.
       This year is an important period for the Group to promote the innovation-driven transformation of development, and HDS service is obviously one of the core brand competitiveness of JJ Shipping. JJ Shipping will be more concerned about the whole process of customer experience, and dedicated to improving service process based on the opinions and concepts from customers, so as to better meet customer needs, and provide customers with more sophisticated and personalized professional services.