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JJ Shipping Visited Japan for Business Promotion and Client Visits

Release Time:2015-12-11

  From November 23 to 28, a delegation led by Mr. Shi Zhenxing, the Deputy General Manager of JJ Shipping, paid a business visit to Tokyo, Hakata, Moji and other regions of Japan, to conduct business exchange with local customers, terminal enterprises and agency companies.
  The delegation arrived in Hakata, Japan on November 23, and launched official visit to Hakata and Moji on the next day. In Kyushu, in addition to agency companies like Hakatakoun and Mitsui Kyushu, the delegation also visited Hakata Port Terminal, and held a business conference regarding the Kyushu region. JJ Shipping exchanged views with the Japanese side on business improvement in terms of operation and cargoes canvassing of the route along Shanghai-Kyushu, and provided guidelines for better business deployment of the route in the future.
  On November 25, the delegation went to Tokyo to visit Sumitomo Warehouse and Mitsui-Soko Warehouse, and held a business conference regarding the Kanto region. In Tokyo, the high-quality service of JJ Shipping had been greatly recognized by the customers, indicating that in-depth cooperation between the two sides will be on the agenda. The delegation implied that JJ Shipping would unswervingly adhere to the brand strategy for purpose of enhancing service level and quality based on customer demands.