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JJ Shipping got the Endorsement for Annual Evaluation of “Safety & Integrity Company”

Release Time:2016-01-11

  In 2015, JJ Shipping successfully secured the endorsement for annual evaluation of “Safety & Integrity Company” awarded by China MSA. Having been once again named the “Safety & Integrity Company” since 2013, JJ Shipping has successfully achieved the endorsement for annual evaluation for two consecutive years, which indicates a new affirmation of the safety management level of JJ Shipping.
  The rating of “Safety & Integrity Company” is launched by China MSA, with relatively stringent appraisal standard and procedures. The enterprises involved in the evaluation are required not only to meet fixed targets relating to safety management audits, Flag State Control (FSC) and Port State Control (PSC), but also to stay ahead regarding relevant soft targets involving safety management concepts and methods, etc., so as to play a leading and exemplary role in the industry.