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JJ Shipping Successfully Held the 2016 Archives Work Meeting

Release Time:2016-03-03

The 2016 Archives Work Meeting of JJ Shipping was held on February 25, 2016, with heads of archives work from all departments and offices, branches and Group members within China, as well as full-time and part-time archivists attended the meeting. The meeting conveyed the spirit of the Circular on Inspection for Administrative Legislation of Archives of 2015 by the Shanghai Archives Bureau, and gave recognition of the units and individuals who had excellent performance for archives work in the previous year. Among them, Shanghai Jinchang Logistics Co., Ltd. won title of the “2015 Outstanding Unit of Archives Work”, and Nie Yanlong was the named the “2015 Outstanding Individual of Archives Work”.
As 2016 is the year of reform and development for JJ Shipping, in the respect of archives work, it’s necessary to achieve further enhancement of archiving quality for various files, and improve relevant systems and management mechanisms concerning archives work. Most importantly, the rectification regarding the shipbuilding files of 1100TEU containers shall be completely intensified and promoted, with the arrangement of project archives of Group members as the priority. In addition, the archives management system and appraisal inspection mechanisms are remained to be improved, the professional training of archivists needs to be further strengthened, and the management level of archivists shall be practically upgraded.