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The Group Successfully Held the 2016 Agency Work Meeting

Release Time:2016-03-16

From March 10 to March 11, the 2016 Agency Work Meeting of the Group was successfully held at Shanghai, with more than 60 representatives from home and abroad attended. Mr. Huang Xin, Chairman and General Manager of the Group addressed the meeting, and gave recognition and awards to outstanding agents and excellent agency companies of 2015.
In 2015, faced with weak growth of demands of international shipping, by virtue of the vigorous cooperation of agency companies, the Group maintained a sound momentum of development, thus achieving effective coordination of quality and efficiency. At the meeting, in addition to making a review of the work in 2015, the agency companies put forward optimization planning and reflections for the work in 2016 in regard of marketing, customer services, etc.
As 2016 is the year of reform and development, and innovation and transformation for JJ Shipping, the Group will seize the opportunity for development, by strictly implementing the policy of reform and development, and accelerating innovation and transformation. Adhering to brand strategy, it’s urgent to optimize the layout of route network and promote industrial extension, with the aim to assiduously and perseveringly build the Group into a leading shipping enterprise with container transport as the core business in Asia.