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Li Anqiang Awarded Shanghai May 1st Labor Medal

Release Time:2016-05-11

Work is the glorious duty of every able-bodied citizen, and great respect shall be paid to everyone who is dedicated to work. With the advent of May Day, Shanghai Federation of Trade Union unveiled the winners of the 2016 Shanghai Labor Certificate (Award), the Pioneer Worker Award, etc. Comrade Li Anqiang, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Jinhang Human Resources Co., Ltd., was conferred the Shanghai Labor Certificate.
In the past decade, Comrade Li has given his life to work day in and day out. Being fully committed to the duty, he has been unswervingly practiced the security management policy of JJ Shipping, thus gaining the titles of Excellent Employee, Security Model, etc.
Taking Comrade Li as an example, the staff of JJ Shipping shall strive to gain professional skills and knowledge, and press ahead boldly in work with pioneering and innovative sense, aiming to build JJ Shipping into a leading shipping enterprise with container transport as the core business in Asia by unremitting efforts.