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JJ Shipping Won Shanghai "5-star Credit Building Enterprise" Award for 3 Consecutive Years

Release Time:2016-12-07

JJ Shipping won Shanghai "5-star Credit Building Enterprise" Award for 2 consecutive years again after being awarded the name in 2014, which award is the highest level of Shanghai credit building campaign. Winning the "5-star Credit Building Enterprise" Award three times is a recognition of the credit building work of the Company, and the extraordinary fruit of the credit building and branding building of the Company. 

Shanghai "Enterprise Credit Building" campaign is a regular credit building activity conducted through combining voluntary application with association recommendation, integrating association review, professional validation, public discussion and credit publication, and in the method of utilizing dynamic investigation and annual evaluation. 

Recent years, JJ Shipping has been integrating credit building into the development of the Company as an important part of brand building. JJ Shipping will stick to the brand strategy and credit building, based on Shanghai "Enterprise Credit Building" campaign, proactively perform corporate social responsibilities in an effort to forge a famous shipping service provider in Asia.