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JJ Shipping Completed Election of New NPC Representatives of Huangpu District

Release Time:2016-12-16

In the morning of 16th November, the election work at the third voting station of the 40th election district of the People's Congress representative election of Shanghai Huangpu District was conducted in the conference room at the headquarters of JINJIANG Shipping. As the responsible unit for the voting station of this election, JINJIANG Shipping held the election in strict accordance with the voting procedures.

228 voters from 3 units, namely, the headquarters, Jincheng Shipping Agency, and Jinyi Logistics participated in the election and casted their solemn votes. Under the guidance of working staff, the whole procedures of certificate verification, vote distribution, vote filling, and voting were very regulated and fully represented the willing of voters. The voting work was successfully done at the voting station.

Election Commission of Huangpu District reviewed and confirmed the validity of this election, the General Secretary and General Manager of Shanghai Jincheng International Shipping Agency Co., Ltd., a member of JINJIANG Shipping, Chen Yan was elected as a representative of the 2nd People's Congress of Huangpu District, which was also the second time for Chen Yan to be a representative of the People's Congress. Chen Yan stated that she would continue to make her best effort to do the representative work well.