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JJ Shipping Secured the 13th China Shipping Industry Awards- the Innovation Award

Release Time:2017-01-18

On January 11, 2017, JJ Shipping secured the " China Shipping (Shipping Company) Enterprise Innovation Award", "China Shipping Internet Service Innovation Award", and "China Shipping Technology and Shipping Equipment Innovation Award" in the Evaluation of the 13th China Shipping Industry Awards (Golden Wheel Award)- the Innovation Awards.

Faced with complicated and unpredictable international shipping market, JJ Shipping has been making great efforts in innovation and transformation, propelling innovation with unwavering faith, sustaining its market with quality service, and achieved outstanding results in various fields. With respect to internet service, the Group's new edition of e-commerce platform got online in November, 2016, with its overall page design, user interaction, extension of logistics service, and data engine optimization among other features being greatly enhanced in quality. While in terms of shipping technology, the Group rolled out two major technology innovation applications, namely the "Container Ship Energy Online Surveillance System" and the "Container Ship Energy Saving Fairing Cap Study and Application", and was named the "12th Five-Year Plan" leading enterprise of energy saving and emission reduction in Shanghai Transportation Industry.