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JJ Shipping successfully held The 2017 Work Meeting

Release Time:2017-02-06

January 24, 2017, Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping (Group) Co., Ltd. (“JJ Shipping”) successfully held 2017 Work Meeting and the 5th Session of the 5th Employee Representative Meeting, which was attended by 47 employee representatives and 42 guest representatives.

The meeting made an earnest conclusion of JJ Shipping's work in 2016, and deployed various targets and tasks in 2017. The attending representatives listened to the administrative work report named Seek Progress with Stability, Pursue Quality in Progress, Consolidate Brand Service Advantage and Continuous Profitability, and Fully Propel the Reform and Development of JJ Shipping delivered by the Party Secretary, President and GM of JJ Shipping, Huang Xin, and the party committee work report named Forge Solid Beliefs, Lay Strong Foundation, and Play the Role of Leadership and Core to Secure the Reform and Development of the Company and the Labor Union work report named Motivate Employees, Strengthen Activeness, and Consolidate the Major Responsibility of Security in the Building of a Harmonious Home delivered by Chen Bo, the Deputy Party Secretary, Secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection, and the Chairman of the Labor Union. The representatives made hot discussion surrounding the three reports, expressed their experience and thoughts, put up comments and suggestions, clarified their tasks as well as reached agreement.
The Party Secretary, President and GM of JJ Shipping, Huang Xin delivered an important speech, analyzed the challenges the Group was faced with, pointed out the thoughts and measures to encounter the challenges, made overall work requirements, and clarified the directions of various work in 2017. The meeting required all the units to understand the spirits of the leader-meeting of Shanghai International Port Group and the work report of JJ Shipping, to implement the spirits into the work in 2017 to fully complete the operational and management targets, and to smoothly finish the reform and development tasks of the Group. With the guidance and support of the leaders of Shanghai International Port Group, based on the new development platform, keeping the core industrial competitiveness and market leadership, devoted into the shipping development of the Group, we must strive for the new scenarios of the JJ Shipping's development and the party construction.
In the meeting, leaders of the Group presented the awards to the outstanding employees, and the outstanding teams and individuals in the labor competition in 2016.