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Members of JJ Shipping Honored Series of Awards for the Civilization Construction in Shanghai in 2015-2016

Release Time:2017-06-28

In the 18th Session of Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Construction Conference and the selection of 2016 Shanghai Youth Civilization Unit, 3 members of JJ Shipping: Jincheng Shipping, Jinchang Logistics and Jinyi Warehousing were awarded 2015-2016 "Shanghai Model Unit"; the youth team of Freight Forwarding Department of Jinchang Logistics and the youth team of "MILD SONATA" were titled as 2015-2016 "Shanghai Youth Civilization Unit”.
Shanghai Model Unit is the highest honor for the comprehensive achievements of the municipal units in construction of material civilization, political civilization, spiritual civilization and ecological civilization. The award of “The Youth Civilization Unit” is mainly offered to the youth, embodying highly professional civilization in the production, operation, management and services, and striving for building the youth groups, the youth posts and the youth projects with first-class work performances.
In the practice of the Civilization Construction in Shanghai last year, JJ Shipping and its members brought civilization construction into the overall work layout of the units, carefully formulated planning, actively implemented the construction measures, which fully embodied the work requirements of "Under the unified leadership of the Party Committee, the Communist Party and the Government shall work together", actively carried forward the dedication spirit of young employees, and were finally recognized and awards from units at all levels. While winning the honors, a new round of construction activities have also kicked off. JJ Shipping and its member units will take the new round of construction work as an opportunity to continue cultivating excellent enterprise culture and work styles and constantly improve the employees’ civilization, at the same time to strenuously make contribution to the civilization construction in Shanghai.