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Leaders of JJ Shipping Greet Employees at Production Lines

Release Time:2017-08-16

It’s been burning hot in Shanghai since late July, and the working temperature has made a record again and again in ships, wharfs and stock dumps. Pressed for limited time and production tasks, all employees in production lines are still working regardless of the high temperature, laying the solid foundation for the business performance and safe production of the company. 

To extend concerns to the hard-working employees at production lines and learn about the situation of safe production under high temperature, The JJ Shipping established a consolation group—— led by CPC JJ Shipping Committee Secretary, Chairman and GM Huang Xin and leaders from other functional departments——to convey greetings and appreciation to all crews and stock dump workers, outdoor service staff, ship suppliers and warehouse workers in production lines.

Leaders of the company carefully examined the work environment and rest areas of employees working at the production lines, earnestly asked about the release and use of support supplies in summer including labor protection items, soft drinks and cooling medicines, and warned that labor protection shall be strengthened and work schedule be arranged rationally for outdoor workers in engine rooms, on decks and stock dump warehouse to prevent sunstroke. The group has already visited 279 employees and released consolation items valued over RMB 40,000 yuan.