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Jinjiang Shipping Group Held 2017 HDS Client Talkfest

Release Time:2017-10-19

On the afternoon of October 12, 2017, Jinjiang Shipping Group held the 2017 HDS client talkfest, with over 30 units including Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port Customs, Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mingdong Container Terminals Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Ocean Shipping Talley Co., Ltd. and important customers being present at the talk. 
 HDS client talkfest is a platform of the Company to conduct exchanges with high-quality customers that aims to continuously improve the quality of HDS services through the communication. The talk also serves as a bridge to provide opportunities for the interaction between customers, customs and terminals. During the exchange, the customer representatives acknowledged the high punctuality rate, efficient response capability, differentiated and personalized services of Jinjiang Shipping Group, and especially acclaimed its development concept of "Shipping + Internet". Furthermore, valuable suggestions and ideas were proposed on liner promotion and next phase of development of the Company. Cooperation units including Shanghai International Port Group and Shanghai Mingdong Container Terminals answered the questions from customers and expressed their expectation for the development of Jinjiang Shipping Group.
The launch of Jinjiang Shipping Group’s APP was another highlight of the talkfest. Huang Xin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Company unveiled the APP "Jinjiang e-shipping", a mobile client which integrates the functions of cargo tracking, sailing date query, ship tracking, and demurrage charge inquiry. Through the installation and registration, one can quickly check the real-time information, sailing date, freight and others of all the ships and containers, so as to enhance the logistics service experience. Wang Qiuming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Company, presented the award to the customer of the year for Jinjiang Shipping Group HDS. The award-winning customer representative Nisshin Global Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. addressed a speech.

The quality services of Jinjiang Shipping Group HDS is a new media based mode that is diversified, convenient, and time sensitive, in consistence with its “good reputation” and against the background of “Shipping + Internet”. It provides more enriched and quality services, so as to further highlight the strength of the brand.