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Biping Liu

An Interview with Bi Ping Liu

1.You attended the commendation meeting for Shanghai Model/Advanced Workers. Han Zheng, secretary of CPC Shanghai Committee made a speech in the Red Hall of Shanghai Expo Center. Could you share with us your understanding of the speech?
President Xi once remarked: “Labor is most glorious, labor is noblest, labor is greatest and laborers are most enchanting”. This illustrates how much the top leader of the nation respects and cares about the working people and how much he recognizes their contribution. I’m deeply motivated and moved now that the president spoke so highly of the working people of which I am a member. I am aware, though, that the recognition goes not only to me but also to all my colleagues. I am grateful to JJ Shipping for its support, to Group leadership for offering me with opportunities and to my co-workers for their help. The commendation is for collective painstaking efforts and selfless dedication of my co-workers. I’m also deeply aware that if only you work hard, you will be able to discover a vast world, realize value of life, gain self-fulfillment and have joy as a reward.


2. As an electrical supervisor, you often receive requests in mid night for technical assistance from your colleagues working in the vessels. Does that affect daily lives of you and your family? How do you strike a balance between life and work?

This is about the nature of my employment and I’m simply performing my duty. An understanding of the nature of the job helps me minimize such affect. Besides, vessel transportation is a highly risky industry. A mid-night phone call usually means vessels or equipments are in malfunction and urgently need technical support from the onshore base. How can I spare any effort? I only regret that occasionally when I was waken up at night, my brain and judgment were not in the best condition and I could not make a more prompt reaction or raise a better piece of advice.


3. There are different kinds of model workers in different times. Unlike in the past, model works nowadays mean a lot more. What is your understanding of a model worker in our days?

Hard working and real deeds should be a basic element for every worker. And these are also basic requirement on them. On the other hand, creation is a new import placed by the current times on laborers. We have to highlight creative work based on hard, honest effort. It is only through relentless learning, diligent effort and willingness to work and study can you really acquire skills, master techniques, make career advancement and have qualities that help you work ingeniously, ably and competently. It is through such attributes that you possess new thinking, keep sustainable progress and improve efficiency and safety. Because of this, I understand that I still have a long way to go to make myself fully worthy of the award and I’m well aware of the responsibilities placed on my shoulders. That’s why I have to work and study more assiduously, give play to my strong points and avoid my shortcomings and be ready for any possible challenges. I need to be familiar with routine operation principles. But more importantly, I must possess creative, innovative thinking.
As far as vessel management is concerned, any improvement to the existing control system or any enhancement in the reliability of operational performance can be seen as a kind of progress and creative work. That therefore demands us to be good at finding out problems in our daily works, utilize expertise to proactively propose solutions, then comprehensively consider their feasibility and finally test practicability. If all of us work in this approach, creative work can virtually become order of the day and we’d be worthy of the title “knowledge-based, technology-oriented and innovation-driven workforce”.
The honor was offered in recognition of my past efforts only but the future still awaits me to tackle. That demands me to keep learning, improve skills, be more dedicated, strive for the best, work diligently and stand ready for innovation. It is only by doing so can you foster “model worker spirit”, play an exemplary role and be truly worthy of your job and the honor you’ve received.