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JJ Shipping Launches 2017 Safe Production Month Activities

Release Time:2017-08-17

Safe production is the foundation for the development of enterprises and also the eternal lifeline of all business management activities. JJ Shipping launches “Safe Production Month” activities in June each year. This year, all departments, member units and all ships of the Group carried out a series of diverse and effective activities themed “comprehensively perform their duties for safe production” under the vision that “safety is a key factor for the maximum benefits of enterprises”.

Emphasize on safety culture promotion, and let all employees have safety awareness

In February, 2017, JJ Shipping was honored as “Safety Culture Building Demonstration Enterprise in Shanghai”, and became the only shipping enterprise among the first 12 enterprises with the honor. This is attributed to the persistent adherence of the Group to taking safe production as the core of work and attaching great importance to the safety culture building. Safe production is not achieved in one day but based on keeping warning and checking erroneous ideas at the outset. 

Before the activities, the Group, all its member units and ships carried out publicity and mobilization to deliver the concept of safety work that stresses the “safety of both work positions and staff” through regular safety meetings, internal journals, the website of the company, new media and other platforms, in order to publicize the scheme and content of the safety month activity and build up momentum for the activities.
The safety work involves being sensitive to how things develop from small clues, taking preventive measures and making summaries. During the safe production month activity, the group collected ship accidents and risks happening of the company over the past years in view of the high risks of container shipping and released the Accident and Risk Collection Manual for the first time. The manual records how and why the accidents and risks happened and also provided corrective measures. It is a treasure accumulated based on the long-term safety management work of the company over the past years and regarded as the Red Treasure Book compiled with the precious experience and lessons. The manual will also be taken as the daily manual for all crews and the safety education training material for shore-based functional departments and crews to prevent the occurrence of accidents and risks. 

          Accident and Risk Collection

Enrich models of activities to enhance efficiency of safety training

Safety is the eternal concern of shipping enterprises. Unremitting efforts have been made by relevant safety management departments to create new ways of safety training and activities. The safety management department of the group has combined safety training with new problems, new situations and new rules and regulations to continuously improve the actual effect of safety training. 

During the activity, the group arranged lectures on “Occupational Health”, played the warning video on safe production, gave featured trainings on the “four systems” of the company including safe production standardization system and the safety management system, and organized contests such as the “Health Trophy and “Crew Safety Protection Micro-Video Competition”. Besides, on the demands of SIPG, the group also launched the “Best Safety Officer” selection to award those employees who have made outstanding contributions at work, thus further strengthen the building of safety staff management system. Those diverse safety education activities greatly enriched staff’s safety cultures, enhanced the staff’s awareness on safety and skills, and brought about their work enthusiasm. All these could maximally prevent and reduce accidents and risks basically. 

          Electrical Welding Skill Competition

Strengthen Potential Trouble Identification and Ensure Safe Production of Enterprises 

All safety issues, minor or major, are significant. Attention shall be paid to every detail. Container shipping sector is of high risk in safe production. The Group attach importance to safety and acknowledge the importance of checking erroneous ideas at the outset, which is not merely required in printed documents or slogans but throughout the safety work. 

The group, all its member units and ships conducted self-inspection on key safety issues of the departments and units. They did not ignore any risk and hidden trouble once it’s identified, and inspect potential safety hazards in an all-around manner. In ship management, all ships require self-inspection, safety inspection and emergency practice in an organic way, in order to ensure the safe, green and healthy operation, a better safety awareness and emergency handling ability of all crews. All these lay a good foundation for passing the inspection of the port state with zero-defect.

          Container Safety Hazard Inspection

All member units carried out targeted emergency practices against flood control, flood prevention, fire extinguishment and rescue etc., according to the different features of different seasons,  and conducted various fire extinguishment, disaster avoiding and evacuation practices. In view of the frequently changing weather conditions in summer, all member units especially key warehouse stock dump staff have improved their ability to prevent disasters, risks, flood and other emergencies. All work together to reduce the frequency of accident occurrence and damage incurred.
   Stock Dump Unit Holding Fire Prevention Safety Practice

As the old proverb goes, preventive measures shall be taken in advance and don't digging well till you are thirsty. The safe production month activity is an important move of JJ Shipping to implement its safety management policy of “Prevention oriented ,Scientific management and Proceeded improvement”. In the following work, the Group will further implement and consolidate the achievements of the activity, and input outstanding experience and achievements into its regulatory and institutionalized management system. The concept that “safety is a key factor for the maximum benefits of enterprises” will be incorporated into all parts of the production to continuously advance the cultivation and building of the safety culture system of the group and build up a first-class and safe shipping enterprise.