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JJ Shipping Completes 2018 DOC Annual Audit of the Safety Management System

Release Time:2018-05-14

During March 22-23, 2018, JJ Shipping completed the annual DOC audit of the safety management system by means of “replacement of external audit with internal audit”. The “replacement of external audit with internal audit” is a new move for the streamlined administration and power delegation to lower levels by the Ministry of Transportation and the Maritime Safety Administration and the implementation of corporate subject responsibilities. With the approval of the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration, the Company has conducted the third annual audit by way of “replacement of external audit with internal audit” consecutively. This is high recognition from the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration with regard to our work on the vessel safety management. According to the requirements, the Company organized internal auditors to receive special training on internal audit in advance so as to improve the professional knowledge and auditing skills of internal auditors and ensure high-quality completion of this “replacement of external audit with internal audit”.
Taking the annual review with “replacement of external audit with internal audit” method as an opportunity, the Company has strengthened and enhanced the systematic awareness of the staff at the Company’s System Department and improved the system auditing ability and level of internal auditors. The Company’s operation monitoring of system has been further strengthened and the effective operation quality of system has reached a new stage.