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Fast HDS (Delivery Service Hot) Service

HDS, or Hot Delivery Service, on our Sino-Japan network aims at providing safe, reliable, punctual and speedy delivery of cargoes. By utilizing combined advantages of vessels, Chinese and Japanese terminals and shipping agencies and through pre-entry at Chinese and Japanese ports, we enable carriers to swiftly deliver goods upon arrival of vessels at destination ports.


In 2001, we launched “Osaka-Kobe Shuttle” service whose delivery of cargoes pledged to be with an accuracy of hours, providing direct express shipment from Shanghai to Osaka and Kobe twice a week. Meanwhile, HDS was introduced to meet customers’ need for speedy pick-up, becoming an exciting scene along our Sino-Japan network. Our services that feature “fixed schedules, fixed ports, punctuality and speediness” are well recognized by both our Chinese and Japanese clients. It also marks the initial of our quest for a prestigious brand.


Following the success of “Osaka-Kobe Shuttle Express”, we moved on and presented the “Four Season Express” and “Tokai Shuttle Express” in April, 2005 and September, 2008 respectively. That enables our carefully designed HDS to be widely applied along our new routes and as a result the brand enjoyed a higher profile. At the very beginning, no more than several containers used our HDS but soon the volume started to snowball. Our HDS along the Sino-Japan routes was well acclaimed and became a shining star among our portfolio of services in both the Chinese and Japanese shipping market.


Over a period of more than a decade, we have made devoted efforts and implemented our brand strategy. And now our tangible infrastructures include vessels featuring safe, punctual shipment and organs and facilities for flexible, speedy loading/unloading and receiving/delivering of cargoes while our soft power ranges from quality, comprehensive and considerate operational procedures and service standards to reliable, smooth internet information management system. All these are expected to help offer superb, expanded services. The quantity of containers using our HDS increases year by year, topping all the shipping lines here in China. While our services become upgraded and improved, we win customers’ trust. We have confidence that we are more than a provider of on-time, prompt delivery services. We fulfill our commitment to punctuality and honesty.

Time of Delivery using HDS on Sino-Japan Routes

About Osaka-Kobe Shuttle Express 

Route code Time of departure at Shanghai Port Time of arrival at Osaka Port Time of delivery using HDS at Osaka Port Time of unloading at Kobe Port Time of delivery using HDS at Kobe Port
SJH1 Tue04:00 Thu10:00 Thu13:00 Fri08:30 Thu15:00
SJH2 Fri22:00 Mon07:00 Mon11:00 Tue08:30 Mon15:00
SJH3 Sun04:00 Tue12:00 Tue14:00 Wed08:30 Tue15:00

* Cargos intended to be delivered at Kobe using HDS are unloaded at Osaka and then consigned to Kobe for delivery. Fast navigation

Since 2000, we have conducted a comprehensive upgrade for our containers. Up to date, our new containers account for 74% of all the containers available, among which 14% were put into use in August, 2002. Thanks to their young age, sound condition and good adaptability, their capacity is utilized to the maximum. We offer a variety of containers, including general purpose containers, flat rack containers, open top containers, reefer containers and dress hanger containers. Among them, the dress hanger container service constitutes one of our features and brand advantages.
Garment Container Service
Name: garment container
Function: save packing materials and cut down packing cost; reduce manual labor and improve quality of garment transport


A. Single-bar garment container: square steel + strings, bearing load of each bar up to 360 kg
See the photo for its interior:
B. Double-bar garment container: round bar steel + hold-down stripes; bearing load of each bar up to 140 kg
See the photo for its interior:
C. 4-bar garment container: round bar steel + hold-down stripes; bearing load of each bar up to 140 kg
See the photo for its interior:
Chemical Logistics Service
JJ Shipping’s transport of dangerous goods is in strict compliance with International Maritime Dangerous Goods code. Due to physical and/or chemical properties of dangerous goods, their transport must follow stringent rules and regulations. Based on physical and/or chemical properties specified in IMDG code for dangerous materials, JJ Shipping classifies them into the following categories: 
Class 1: explosives
Class 2: gases
Class 3: flammable liquids
Class 4: flammable solids, substances liable to spontaneous combustion, substances that emit flammable gases when in contact with water
Class 5: oxidants and organic peroxides
Class 6: toxic and infectious substances
Class 7: radioactive substances
Class 8: corrosives
Class 9: miscellaneous dangerous substances/goods

Here in JJ Shipping, we maintain a professional, reliable management team for dangerous goods. They follow rigorous operation procedures for each of our shipping routes and carry out stringent review for the transport of dangerous goods in accordance with applicable rules/regulations. Our management team stand ready to answer your inquires, offer consultation and verify related information. Furthermore, we stow and isolate dangerous goods as appropriate in strict compliance with IMDG code to ensure and promote safety for personnel (both onshore and offshore), vessels, cargoes and environments.

Flat Rack Container

We offer flat rack container service. A flat rack container does not have a roof nor side walls. Loading or unloading is conducted on its two sides. It is mainly intended for heavy goods, together with cargoes that do not need packing such as cattle and steels. It also facilitates lifting of large cargoes with unusual width or height. JJ Shipping offers flat rack containers that are convertible. That is, the end plates can be folded inside to transform a flat rack container into a platform container for accommodating super long cargos.


Open Top Container

We offer open top container option. An open top container allows loading from its top, thus very suitable for transporting cumbersome cargoes such as machineries. Each is equipped with a PVC water-proofing canvas cap and a bow that can be connected to sealant for cables. Its door is removable to make filling of cargoes more convenient. An open top container can be 20’ or 40’ in size.


Reefer Container

We also offer reefer container option. Insulated containers are collectively known as reefer containers. As they are insulated, air under constant temperature flows inside them. Our refrigeration team owns a variety of reefer containers including 20’ GP containers and 40’ HC containers.
Each reefer container receives stringent tests to meet the following requirements:
1、stainless steel design—stainless steel outer layer and corrugated inner layer serve to promote flow rate of air and load of cargoes.
2、air supply at base—cold air circulates to absorb heat emitted from cargoes.
3、microprocessor and data collector—use PID controller to adjust temperatures and use data collector to record temperatures.
4、power generator—provides power for reefer container to maintain set temperatures. Clip-on generators are mounted on the top of reefer containers to increase height of C.G.
5、free of CFCs—refrigerants used for our reefer containers do not contain chlorofluorocarbons.