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JJ Shipping Leadership Visit Taiwan Customers

Release Time:2019-12-23

In recent days, a delegation led by Chairman WANG Qiuming of JJ Shipping visited key customers, storage yard partners, wharf partners and shipping agents in Taiwan, communicated customer demands, storage yard management, wharf services, agency and other issues with related parties, and established profound friendship and reached a consensus with them.

During the visit, the delegation has attended the opening ceremony of Trans Realco Shipping Agency Company Limited, at which Chairman WANG expressed his congratulations in a speech. As JJ Shipping’s new general agency in Taiwan, Trans Realco is set up jointly by T.V.L. Business Group and Realco Logistics, with a solid foundation, complementary strengths, rich experience in operation and advanced management concepts.The focus of future cooperation will continue be on leveraging superior resources, refining service capability and enhancing market performance, to create favorable opportunities for exploring shipping route potential and expanding development.